Creating the Space

Dojo is defined in the Japanese language as “a place of the way.” We commonly know it as a place to train in the martial arts such as judo or karate. However, after a deeper dive into the definition, dojo is also a place under a bo tree where it is said that Buddha attained spiritual enlightenment. As well as a place where monks practice Buddhism such as a temple. And lastly, a place where a group of people stay mainly to discipline themselves. 

So, a dojo is a space where you practice or train the way of anything. Anything that leads you to a more enlightened existence. There are many spaces I seek to bring me closer to myself and my purpose. Playing on the floor with my kids, listening to soul stirring music, riding my mountain bike in the forest until I feel my heart pounding and of course, driving. Cars, especially fast ones have always brought me immense, true, unfiltered joy as far back as I can remember. 

These giant machines of metal on four rolling wheels can turn hours into minutes. Whether it’s researching how to install a mod, testing the best line to take on a track, or just bringing my car to it’s fullest shine to take a spin, cars make me feel alive. 

My energy to launch this company has been unlimited. I’m so excited to share what seems like a magical technique to make well loved cars look new again. It’s one small way to share my energy with the world and in a space we are calling Auto Dojo.  

Hope you enjoy the ride. I know I will.